Nirad N. Mohapatra (12 November 1947 - 19 February 2015) was an Indian film director. Nirad N Mohapatra was born in Orissa, an Eastern state of India. He was the eldest of 7 siblings. His father was a freedom fighter (in pre-independence India), journalist and later entered politics in independent India. His mother was a teacher in school. The foundation to Nirad's value system was laid with this background. He was also exposed to rural and urban life while growing up. All this made him very aware of the realities of middle class life. He was good in his studies with a keen interest in history and literature. His interest in cinema was kindled from his childhood days and further strengthened by the cinema theater very near his house in Bhadrak, Orissa. He was a good observer of human nature and relationship and strived to understand the same. In years to come, his film and body of work would reflect the same sensitivity.


‘Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes and the grass grows by itself’

- Haiku by ‘Basho’